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Strategic Advisory

TechInsight360's Strategic Advisory Service focuses on offering long term, market specific solutions, which can help in increasing market share. Our strong network of analysts helps in deriving in-depth understanding of opportunities and risks.

  • Market entry strategy
  • Identify M&A target
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Competitive landscape

Market Insight

TechInsight360's Market Insight Service offers a range of solutions to understand market dynamics. It focuses on consumer insights, product positioning, and tactical marketing initiatives.

  • Consumer behaviour and attitude
  • Targeting strategy
  • Market innovation
  • Brand management
Market Insight

Investment Research & Analytics

Leverage Insight360's technology platform to derive greater value from your investment research. Enhance your capabilities needed to drive investment strategies with strong ROI.

  • Valuation using alternate data
  • Risk evaluation
  • Identify local partners
Investment Research & Analytics

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